Benefits of SeaBase / Why Support?

SeaBase1TM research, education and eco-tourism facilities (REEFsTM) are structured to create, promote and foster:

* Unprecedented research opportunities on coral reef ecosystems;

* Awareness and expansion of the “blue planet” movement, including a better understanding of coral reef decline and its relation to climate change;

* Clean technology research, development and transfer (for example, renewable energy, medicines from the sea, underwater robotics, etc.);

* Educational opportunities for learners of all ages, including a “not to us but through us” funding support framework for local, regional, and global marine-based information and communication technologies (ICTs) supported education programs;

* Recording/capture of traditional knowledge/history;

* A connection to untapped marine eco-tourism opportunities;

* Sustained economic benefit to the host country and local region; and

* A catalyst for social capital investment linking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the marine environment.