Business Model/Plan

The major emphasis of SeaBase1TM in Belize is research, education, and eco-tourism facilities (REEFsTM) development through direct involvement with the certified SCUBA diving community, aimed at igniting worldwide fascination and stewardship for our oceans, especially the endangered coral reef ecosystem. Concurrent with these activities will be commercially oriented projects, such as (1) medicines from the sea, (2) underwater robotics, (3) renewable energy systems to compliment the overall SeaBase1TM REEFsTM program and contribute to offsetting the costs of operations.

To this end we have organized the SeaBase1TM organization into a primary not-for-profit 501(c)(3) called SeaBase1 Corp., and a secondary for-profit corporation called, SeaBase LLC. Each organization has desirable features regarding the (1) generation of funding support, (2) management of corporate level administration and operations level activities, (3) direction of research and education activities, and (4) management of commercially oriented projects.

SeaBase1TM management expects to be approached by international groups to establish SeaBase1TM REEFsTM facilities and programs in other locations of the world. These requests, with in place funding support for SeaBase1TM, will be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on their overall objectives such as research, education, and/or commercially oriented goals. Funding support for these international programs will be the responsibility of the program initiators.